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We are so proud to support a peer support group available to pregnant and postpartum moms.

Here are some questions that might be on your mind as you think about attending...

1.  Do I need to register in advance to attend the group?

No!  You are welcome to just show up.    Come as often or sporadically as you'd like.  You are even welcome to stay later and let your kids play longer after group ends.  If it is your first time attending and you are bringing kids, we do recommend arriving 10 minutes early to complete registration with Little Village.  They are required to register any kids that are playing in their facility during the group.  Kids are always welcome to play for free.

Support Group Flyer 2023.png

2.  What is Little Village?

Little Village is an amazing play place that is free and open to the public.  There is a parking lot on the left and in the back.  It has several open play areas and also different themed rooms.  Toddlers and preschoolers are welcome to play independently while moms are meeting for the group.  There is a table area if older kids might need to do homework while you are in group. Staff from Little Village will be keeping their eyes on your kids and let you know if they might need your help.  The address is 2420 Harrison Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45211. More info: or join their facebook page!

3. Who can attend?

Our goal is to make this group as open, supportive and inclusive as possible.  If you think you may benefit from more peer support (whether you are newly pregnant, 3 weeks postpartum, 3 years postpartum... whatever!) please attend.  You do not have to be diagnosed with a postpartum mood or anxiety disorder to attend.

4. Who is leading this group?

We currently have a core group of 6 amazing local moms who are volunteering their time, heart and energy to lead this group.  They have completed group facilitator training through POEM and are supported by Joslyn with Reedy-Kay and Associates.  To be clear, this is not a group lead by a licensed professional and should not be considered a therapeutic group.  We have chosen a peer support model because loneliness and isolation is one of the biggest barriers in parenthood today... and not something therapy alone can heal.  If you would be interested in joining our facilitation team please email! 

Any other questions? Email us at

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