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EMDR Consultation

Joslyn here :) I am an EMDRIA certified therapist and also an approved consultant.  I can provide more generalized EMDR consultation or consultation specific to perinatal/maternal mental health work.  I love integrating parts work and cognitive interweaves into EMDR and helping other clinicians build their confidence in doing so as well.  In consultation with me things like dissociation and developmental traumas wont feel so scary to approach and you learn tangible ways to take next steps with clients!  I believe the EMDR lens can be integrated into almost every counseling session and doesn't always have to focus on bilateral stimulation/the reprocessing phase.  I love helping other clinicians feel excited and less overwhelmed by all of the phases and parts of EMDR and that is what clinicians walk away with from consultation with me.   


I am available for consultation during basic training, EMDR certification and if you just need space to process EMDR clients with other clinicians.  Individual consultation is available for $110/hour or group for $75/1.5 hour group session.  Group Consultation is offered  third Thursdays 12-1:30 and third Fridays 9:00-10:30.  New clinicians are always welcome to join group consultations.  New group timesalways open to being added.

To schedule please email

Licensure Supervision

I offer individual supervision for Licensed Social Workers pursuing independent licensure.  I have worked with several individuals as they work towards opening their own private practices and also for those looking to strengthen their clinical skill set.  I specialize in integrating ACT, EMDR and ego state work into my clinical practice and love supporting clinicians as they develop confidence in their own skill set.  Supervision with me always includes a great deal of case consultation and an open and curious perspective is required. :) 

Please reach out directly via email so that I can answer any questions to help you discern if I might be the right fit for you!

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