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Frequently Asked Questions

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1.  I need immediate support and am in crisis.  Who can I contact?

  • A close friend or family member 

  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

  • Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-SUICIDE

  • National Postpartum Depression Hotline: 1-800-PPD-MOMS

  • MOMS Line 1-866-364-MOMS 

  • EMDRIA Get Help Now:  

  • Local Helpline:  281-CARE (2273) Hamilton County 

  • We are a small, independent private practice and not equipped to handle emergencies 24/7. We will always do our best to respond to voicemail and email within 24-42 business hours and if there is a crisis as soon as possible.  Thanks for being patient and understanding.

2. Your office is in Clifton... please tell me there is parking?!?

Yes!  The office is at 3268 Jefferson Avenue.  It's a great old brick building in the Clifton gaslight district with several offices, a private waiting area and yes of course a parking lot on the right side of the building.  See the map below!










3. How long will I be in counseling?

That depends on quite a few factors.  In general, we can work together to achieve relief from your primary symptoms in just a few sessions.  Promise.  If what you are experiencing involves current or past trauma or uncovers additional negative self-beliefs it may often take longer.  However, if you aren't interested in addressing some of those underlying issues that's OK and we can stick to and focus on immediate relief.  Ultimately, we approach counseling as something that takes a great deal of trust. A big way to achieve that is for you to know that you have control.  We will work together to set the tone for how often we meet.  Many will start with 3-5 weekly sessions and then we may meet bi-weekly, then monthly and then for "tune-ups" as needed.   

4. How long will our session be?

Approximately 50-57 minutes.  If you would like to meet for longer please arrange this in advance. I find that meeting any less than 55 minutes not optimal for the work we are trying to accomplish together.  We also offer intensives (up to 3 hours) for EMDR reprocessing.  Talk with your therapist if that's something you're interested in.


5. Do you only meet with Parents?

Nope.  While supporting parents are our my primary specialization, if you feel one of us might be the "right fit" for you for whatever reason contact us.  We'd love to work together.  Also, if we met when you were pregnant or postpartum and new issues have come up, please know we are always willing to meet again for new concerns that might arise.      

6. Can I bring my baby with me to our session?

Absolutely. We are moms and do know how complicated childcare can get.  Babies and young toddlers are always welcome in session.  If you are comfortable with it we can make it work!  We have toys, coloring books, etc to help keep them occupied and comfortable.  It is up to you what would make this work best.

7. I can't get out of the house or to your office easily... how can I ever see you?

We have the option to complete our sessions through a online platform available through our electronic health system.  Completing sessions this way allows us to both see and hear each other much like when you facetime or skype with someone only it is confidential.  Many moms choose to meet this way, especially after we’ve already gotten to know each other. While your babies/toddlers are taking a nap upstairs you can go to counseling on your computer or phone.

8. What are fees for a session?

Joslyn's regular rate is $150 for a 55 minute session.  

Caitlin's regular rate is $120 for a 55 minute session, $140 for couples sessions.

Kat's regular rate is $120 for a 55 minute session.

Stacey's regular rate is $140 for a 55 minute session.

Brian's regular rate is $100 for individual sessions and $120 for couples sessions.  Brian accepts CareSource Medicaid.

We do our best to be affordable, accessible and available to everyone who may benefit from meeting with us.  We may be able to offer you a reduced fee per session on a temporary basis.  Please talk openly with us to see if a reduced fee slot is available if you are in a situation of financial hardship.  

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