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About Joslyn

Therapeutic Approach:

As with everyone at this practice, I describe my work as person-centered and collaborative.  There is never a one size fits all and it is my job to be adaptive and discern the best approaches and interventions for each individual client.  In line with this overall approach my primary orientations are Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (which is a new and improved version of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy if you’ve heard of that!), EMDR and Internal Family Systems (which is a parts work/ego-state informed approach).

Training and Education:

One of my favorite things about my job is trainings and continuing education.  I strive to be the most effective therapist possible and usually have at least one day of continuing education scheduled a month... or more.  My advanced education around maternal mental health is centered around hundreds of training hours on using EMDR with all the traumas, tough negative beliefs, losses, etc. that come with being a parent or parent-to-be.  I am a certified EMDR clinician and consultant and love supporting other clinicians using EMDR.  I also have advanced training through Postpartum Support International to help support parents parents-to-be with all the transitions occurring.

Areas of Interest:

I love helping clients through transitions.  Transitions are such a wonderful opportunity where vulnerability allows us to recalibrate, grieve and challenge ourselves. I love seeing the changes that can happen! Transitions give us the opportunity to move toward a more authentic version of ourselves.  I have experience supporting clients through every type of transition you can imagine- trying to get pregnant, the first years, grief and loss, parenting at different stages, divorce, changes in relationships with family… life is full of transitions.  I also enjoy working through traumas, including attachment and developmental trauma, with an EMDR perspective.  Traumas that are left unprocessed can have ramifications throughout our internal and external systems. I’m thankful to have the experience and tools to help.  I love seeing the shift in a client as the impact of their trauma shifts through processing.

What brings me joy:

I am an independent spirit at heart and lived abroad for over 16 years.  So, one of my biggest joys is travelling internationally as much as school schedules and budget allows with my family.  My biggest hope for my kids is that they know the world and love travel too.  If I’m not traveling you can find me reading constantly (always at least one fiction and non-fiction book simultaneously), gardening (working towards a 60% native plant garden even though I really have no clue what I’m doing) and hiking or camping with my husband and 4 (yes its crazy) kids.  


Licensed Independent Social Worker with Supervision Designation (LISW-S) since 2011, Licensed Social Worker (LSW) since 2007 

Link to licensure


Case Western Reserve University, Master’s in Social Work

The Ohio State University, Bachelor’s in Social Work and International Development

EMDR Certified Therapist and Consultant

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