About Joslyn

Hi there!  I am so glad you are here and seeking support.  I am a mama to 4 wonderful girls and wife for over a decade.   In this season of life I am mostly exhausted, trying to keep up with too much, laughing a lot and trying my best to be kind to myself (and my husband).

I’ve been working in mental heatlh for a looooong time (2007!) but finally opened my own counseling practice in 2017.   I’m sure like many that are reading this, once I started having children they definitely rocked my world, sense of identity, and my purpose in life.  My experience of becoming a Mom is what has motivated me to create a counseling practice that specializes in maternal and perinatal mental health.  I have  experienced my own birth trauma and struggles postpartum.  These experiences have been defining moment in my life.  Building resiliency from them and ultimately healing has helped make me who I am today.  It also helps me to be truly empathetic with the families I work with.  I really do get it and can empathize no matter what it is you are experiencing right now.  We all have our own stories, breaking points, traumas and stressors.  Ultimately, we want to be a better version of ourselves, feel like we know who we are and be the parents our kids need.  I’m here to help, no matter what is getting in your way. 

My Approach

Meeting with a therapist can be really really hard!  I purposefully make this experience for you as seamless, comfortable and trusting as possible.  I view part of my job as your therapist is to “hold space” for you. “Holding space” to me means I ensure our relationship and the collaborative trusting environment we create allows you the all too rare opportunity in life to be authentic, be unfiltered, not feel judged, feel heard, say what you need to say and not hold back. By creating this space and opportunity for you we can really get to the heart of the issues and concerns you identify, refocus and rebuild.  We are going to work together to discern what will be the most helpful for you.  I am not the type of therapist who will sit silent and nod.  We are going to be engaged together to discern and assess what will help and that will take open and transparent communication and processing.   

In addition to “holding space” my job is to be as effective of a therapist as possible.  I’m always learning, adapting my therapeutic style, seeking training and striving to be even better.  I have high hopes and expectations for the work we can accomplish together so why would I not hold myself equally accountable?!  Because of my desire to be the most effective therapist possible, I have completed advanced training in perinatal mental health and have earned a certificate through Postpartum Support International.   I have also received advanced training and consultation in EMDR therapy.  EMDR is an incredibly effective tool to help address underlying negative beliefs and disturbing experiences.  Learn more about this approach on the EMDR tab.  I also utilize Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Interpersonal Therapy as my primary modalities as they are effective and research-based.   More information about my education and licensure information is listed to the right.  Any questions… ask!

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Licensed Independent Social Worker with Supervision Designation (LISW-S) since 2011, Licensed Social Worker (LSW) since 2007 

Link to licensure

verification: https://elicense.ohio.gov/oh_verifylicense

Case Western Reserve University, Master’s in Social Work

The Ohio State University, Bachelor’s in Social Work and International Development


3268 Jefferson Avenue

Cincinnati, OH 45220


Tel: 513-914-1777​ (Joslyn) 

       513-239-7476 (Jeralyn)

We offer a free 15 minute phone consultation to answer any questions and determine the right fit.  Please fill out the info below and include some good times for us to give you a call.  We will do our best to get back to you within 24 business hours.  If we are in network with your insurance, please specify which insurance plan you have to make sure the referral is directed to the correct clinician.  We look forward to talking more! 

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