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Hey there!  We're so glad you found us.  We specialize in supporting parents and parents-to be so that they can be the most confident version of themselves. 

You've got this and we're here to help!


Who are we?

Reedy-Kay and Associates, LLC was started in 2017 specifically to support parents and parents-to-be.  Why parents???  Parenting is a season of life that brings with it incredible challenges and heartache that can lead to the most amazing shifts and opportunities to heal old wounds or traumas, harness new skills and become better versions of ourselves.  As we become parents we can no longer ignore those shifts we want to make for ourselves.  We all want to be the best version of ourselves for our kids (no matter how old they are) and  need support to do that.  The work in therapy done by a parent or parent-to-be directly impacts them individually and all of the generations to come and that is work we are proud to be part of.  

Just like you, Reedy-Kay and Associates has grown and changed over the years as we've learned how best to support clients.  We've grown from one clinician into a small but mighty group of highly compassionate, trained and specialized therapists who truly get what all aspects that this season of life can bring and how to effectively help!  We now provide couples therapy.  We are often not parenting in isolation and couples therapy can help us create space to to be an even more effective partnership and repair from wounds that have been created.  Another shift over the years is that several clinicians have advanced certification and specialization in EMDR therapy which is an amazing therapeutic technique to reprocess trauma.  We offer EMDR and EMDR intensives to all individuals who believe it might be helpful to their healing, not just parents.  Lastly, we have also created a support group for pregnant and postpartum moms to help address the isolation and loneliness that comes with parenting.  We are not a group of clinicians that are willing to stay stagnant or in one place so stay tuned...  we're excited to keep changing and growing with you and your family!

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